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Special E-Commerce Software

E-commerce is the periodic increase in internet usage since the second quarter of the 1990s, and commercial activities (product promotion, sales, distribution, payment) are carried out over the internet.

Electronic trade

Until 15 years ago, companies used traditional media tools such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines to reach their target audiences. This situation both increased the costs and could not be measured as desired. Nowadays, companies generally carry out promotional and advertising activities on the web. This allows more customers to be reached in a shorter time and at much lower costs than traditional media. But this does not mean that traditional media has been completely abandoned. Internet today is complementary to traditional media. However, the rapid growth of the internet clearly shows us that traditional media will complement the internet in the future.


Based on this reality, Beycon started to attach great importance to e-commerce applications and designed gumuscu.net and nassiya.com websites for its own use. Beycon, which develops e-commerce software for its customers, has made it a mission to progress in this field in line with the changing conditions in the world.

E-commerce Site and Beycon

General features of special e-commerce software designed by Beycon

  • General features of special e-commerce software designed by Beycon
  • You can add unlimited number of products. You can upload unlimited images for each product.
  • You can add, edit and delete as many brands as you want.
  • You can make each installment you define Active / Passive. For example, you can only sell 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 months maturity for Bonus Card.
  • You can determine each installment you define in installments to the cash price. You can make as many bank records as you want, you can update and delete these records whenever you want.
  • You can add as many news as you want whenever you want. You can easily create news content thanks to the page editing editor.

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