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    Integrations in the E-Commerce Site
    E-commerce integrations allow products to be delivered to customers in a faster and more reliable way. Integrations are a way to deliver a good service while increasing workforce productivity. When setting up an e-commerce site, integrations should be considered first. Integration types such as online marketplaces, accounting and social media are indispensable for e-commerce sites.
    What is E-Commerce Integration?
    Integration is a term that includes the meaning of integration and harmony. It is used in the e-commerce ecosystem to integrate two different platforms. Integrations designed for e-commerce systems add functionality to the website. One of the purposes of the integrations that should be done in e-commerce sites is to sell the same product on different platforms. For this reason, integrations provide competitive advantage. Powerful e-commerce businesses attach importance to integration processes. From order management to customer support, from product marketing to accounting systems, the more tasks can be managed from a single platform and the stronger other transactions, the more successful the e-commerce site will be. After all, two important things that integration processes focus on; products and customers.
    Which Integrations are Made in the E-Commerce Site?
    E-commerce systems are indispensable tools for industries trying to keep up with the digital age. These tools, which serve the goals of online merchandising, serve important functions to reach the target audience and realize product or service sales. Integrations within the e-commerce ecosystem facilitate sales, provide customer satisfaction and add prestige to the brand. The most important integrations that should be found in e-commerce sites are
    Online marketplace integration Online marketplaces integration is a system that provides integration between different marketplaces. It is an integration that offers software for data exchange between marketplaces.
    Accounting integration It is the integration of accounting programs used in accounting systems, including sales, CRM, invoicing, stock and current account, into the e-commerce site. Integration of accounting systems provides business continuity and time savings.

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